aka Ras Klamps


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Born Noel Barrington Aiken, “Barry” in Port Antonio Jamaica in 1963. He was first introduced to music in the church like so many Jamaican born musicians. As he recalls music had a hold on him that captivated his soul and made him forget about everything else. He left the church after being told that he was playing the devils music on his guitar and he was ordered to stop. He meditated upon the pastors’ words and was convinced the church was not a place for him and he began to find other venues to indulge in his greatest passion.

He joined a band by the name of Natural Vibes from Port Antonio in 1982 and was given the nickname Organ Z by Junior Marvin of “ police and thieves” which meant that he was the worst keyboard man. A few years later his nickname was upgraded to Organ D and finally to Ras Klamps as his skills improved and he gained the respect of his peers. The meaning of his name symbolizes his unique ability to join or “Klamp” the sound.  Ras Klamps left Jamaica in 1987 for Hartford Connecticut,  where he played with a local band by the name of Cool Runnings. His high positive energy and unique abilities would be appreciated by a local musician and fellow Jamaican Courtney Panton who would recommend Ras Klamps to Pablo Moses and that is when tour life began.

Ras Klamps has toured internationally with many of the legendary greats in reggae including Rita Marley, Burning Spear, Culture, Dub Syndicate, Third World and The Original Wailers to name a few.  He has been recorded in over 50 countries and is featured on too many albums to list here.

Ras Klamps is now embarking on a new music venture where his sound is not adequately expressed by one genre.   His music is modern with upbeat rhythms taken from the roots of reggae and jazz. With Latin and worldbeat influences his sound is a true fusion taken from a lifetime of experience from a world class musician.